At Best Days Senior Living we have developed a culture that accentuates the positive. All too often it’s easy to look at the negative and look at the things that are wrong. But we believe that when you focus your energy on the positive, positive things happen. So the positive word for the month of November is THANKFULNESS!!
I believe we should have a mindset of THANKFULNESS more than just one day a year. When we operate in THANKSGIVING we will have more to be thankful for. I recently started reading the book “Discovering the Laws of Life” by John Templeton. In it he gives 3 ways to practice ThanksLIVING:

1. Search for the good and praise it. The more good you can see and praise, the more you direct creative energy to positive results.
At Best Days Senior Living, we we praise our residents for their abilities and not focus on their disability.
Praise the good and watch it multiply.

2. Give thanks ahead of time for whatever good you desire in your life. We call this a spirit of expectation. If you expect good things you carry yourself as if you already have them, and before you know it you do. We knew opening Best Days, was our passion. Even when many days it didn’t look like it was going to happen, we pressed through. And here we are today; up and fully functioning.

Are you ready for the final way to practice ThanksLIVING. This is the hardest one:

3. Be thankful for your problems and challenges. Crazy right!!!
We really are not thankful that we have problems but instead we are thankful for the end result….. more strength, more wisdom, more compassion for someone in a similar situation etc… When we come out on the other side of our challenge you can encourage someone else that they too can come out on the other side.

We are thankful to be in an industry where we can give families the peace of mind knowing their family members are in good hands.

So let’s have an “attitude of gratitude” because it has the power to draw more things to be grateful for.

Stop by for a tour today to see how we are practicing THANKFULNESS at Best Days Senior Living.

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