Is It Better To Give Or Receive?

December 2016
At Best Days Senior Living we have developed a culture that accentuates the positive. All too often it’s easy to look at the negative and look at the things that are wrong. But we believe that when you focus your energy on the positive, positive things happen. So the positive word for the month of December is GIVING.

The old saying goes, “it’s better to GIVE than to receive.” During the Christmas season it’s easy to focus on what you’re going to get versus what you’re going to GIVE. A trip to the local mall will cure that. At the mall, you see shoppers hustling and bustling about to find that perfect gift to GIVE!

At Best Days it is our mission to GIVE families the peace of mind of knowing their family members are being treated with the utmost respect, in a safe, warm, and loving environment. We pride ourselves in GIVING each resident one on one quality care.
We take joy in knowing when we GIVE we have the pleasure of helping others. Oftentimes, seniors are the forgotten ones. But here we like to remind them how they felt in their “Best Days.”

So during this season remember “the more you GIVE the more you live,” because it is more rewarding to GIVE than to receive.


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